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We help you optimize performance and drastically reduce the risk of serious injuries using predictive analytics by providing strategies that protect your cognitive potential.

1. Assess

Through our app, we collect data around physical and mental characteristics to create a profile based on your current biometrics.

2. Monitor

We help you take a comprehensive approach to cognitive load management by helping you closely monitor your health metrics so you can take control of your wellbeing and share your information as needed.

3. Improve

Our AI algorithm is based on our advisors' experience and offers personalized biomechanics and mental strategies like corrective posture, strengthening and flexibility exercises to optimize your habits.

Our program has been used by athletes across every major league

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Performance and Health Benefits

Improve Performance

By improving posture, balance, strength, hand-eye coordination, etc.

Predict and Prevent Serious Injuries

By identifying, quantifying and mitigating risk before it becomes a problem, we help you prevent head, neck & spine injuries..

Save up to 50% on injuries

By cutting in half the number of missed games, personnel time, medical expenses, equipment, insurance premiums spent on the most costly and serious injuries, savings start at $2000/player/year. We also help reduce the legal liabilities and lawsuits not covered by insurers.

Improve Player Recruitment and Retention

Ensuring a longer and healthier career through innovative technology helps attract and maintain top-ranked prospects.

How does it work?

We use a cloud-based app and are developing wearables to better analyze movement.






It's time to give the most important organ the most attention.




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